Top Banks in Delaware

Delaware is a Mid-Atlantic state that is in the Northeast megalopolis part of the United States. Its capital is Dover and is ranked 45th in the United States when it comes to population. Banking is one of the most lucrative industries in Delaware. The state has 34 national and local banks that meet the financial needs of the residents. There are 241 branches in total in 36 towns and cities. Here are some of the big banks in Delaware, IL, USA.

PNC Bank

The bank was founded in 1804 and has 41 branches in 21 various cities in the Delaware state. PNC also has over 2606 offices in nineteen states. The commercial bank’s National Association headquarters are in Wilmington, DE, and the association is ranked 7th among the banks with the largest deposits in the U.S.

Barclays Bank of Delaware

It is ranked among the ideal banks for a savings account due to its maintenance fees and the fact that you do not need any minimum balance to open. The bank is also an ideal choice for best CD as it offers 2.25% APY on 5-year CD. The Barclays Bank of Delaware also has a 1.00% APY rate on online savings accounts and features CD interest compounds every day. The bank does also not have any monthly fees, so you do not incur additional costs when you have a small balance.

TD Bank

It is the most convenient bank in America and is ranked among the ten largest banks in the USA. The bank features a 7-day banking system with elongated hours, customer coin counting at no cost, dog biscuits, and lollipops. TD Bank customers can access a 24/7 live person call center for customer service and free online banking. The bank has 12 expedient sites in Delaware.

The Bank of Delmarva

Founded in 1896, the Bank has 13 branch offices in DE and MD. DELMAR BANCORP, its root holding company, bank of delmarva logois centered in Salisbury, MD. The headquarters of the Bank of Delmarva, are in Seaford, DE. The institution meets all the requirements stipulated by the federal capital. It has $502 million in total assets and as a result, the FDIC categorizes its asset concentration as Commercial Lenders. The term refers to institutions that have real estate and development loans, commercial and industrial loans and loans secured by commercial real estate properties exceeding 25% of the total assets.

Artisans Bank

It was founded in 1861 and does business through 13 branch offices situated in DE. The bank has a team of approximately 120 employees. Artisan’s Bank has its headquarters in Wilmington, DE. The state-chartered savings bank has $511 million in total assets. Just like the Bank of Delmarva, Artisan’s Bank asset concentration is classified by the FDIC as Commercial Lenders.

County Bank

The bank was established in 1990 and has seven branch offices in DE. County Bank has a team of 83 staff, and its root holding company is CB FINANCIAL CORPORATION. Is situated in Rehoboth Beach, DE. County Bank has around $336 million in total assets, and its asset concentration is also deemed as Commercial Lenders by the FDIC. The banks above are just some of the big banks in Delaware. If you want to see more information on banks and financial institutions, you can click here.

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